The Best Vehicle for Winter Driving: The XC90

November 24th, 2022 by

We have officially entered the cold and snowy weather in New Brunswick, and the roads will soon be under ice and snow once again. If you didn’t know, the XC90 is Volvo’s flagship SUV that is a dream to handle in every season, including winter. It is equipped with multiple safety systems, features, and technologies to help elevate and protect your winter driving experience. Not only is it filled tires-to-roof with the technology to keep you and your passengers safe, it also continues to hold that luxurious Volvo feel inside. Neither comfort nor convenience are sacrificed in the XC90. It even has its own tricks to promote fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions and engine wear. If you’re not already in love with the outstanding XC90 for your winter adventures, let’s break down the details of just how optimal this SUV is for our Canadian winters.

First, and most importantly; the Volvo XC90 is one of, if not the safest vehicle for winter driving currently on the market. Volvo Cars has been a leader in the field of car safety for decades. We have invented some of the most important features in the history of car safety, and there’s more to come. The XC90 is equipped with numerous safety systems, features, and technologies to keep you and your passengers as safe as physically possible.

Volvo’s safety system is the only one currently on the market that is able to detect moose and deer, besides pedestrians and cyclists. This becomes even more of an asset to the driver as the reduced visibility blows in with storms. The XC90’s camera and radar sensor monitor distance and objects, making an audible alert and displaying a warning symbol when it senses the possibility of a collision. The City Safety feature also activates brief and sturdy breaking to help stop your XC90 before any collision occurs. 


Beyond this, the XC90 is available with the Oncoming Lane Mitigation system and Cross Traffic Alert technology. This includes autobrake and many more features to help keep you and your passengers safe. 

As we mentioned earlier, the XC90 is the top of its game for winter drive safety, but this doesn’t mean we’ve made any sacrifices when it comes to comfort, convenience, and luxury. 


Vehicles need to level-up for the cold, but passengers need to stay warm and cozy too. The XC90 provides heated front seat cushions, back rests and cushion extenders for those bone-chilling days. You may be familiar with the unpleasant morning routine of running out to your vehicle before work to start it up for a few minutes to defrost before you make your commute. This is not only inconvenient to you, but adds unneeded carbon emissions and wear to your engine. This is yet another issue avoided with the XC90. This Volvo’s fuel-operated parking heater warms the cabin of the vehicle as well as the engine, and there’s no need to worry about running out to start the vehicle. You can set an automatic start time in advance, or start the heater remotely using the Volvo On Call smartphone app.

One of the XC90’s very best assets in the winter is its remarkable AWD. The Volvo’s All-Wheel Drive with its Instant Traction System stands out greatly from what else is currently offered in the industry. Its assets make summer drives a breeze, and help facing winter commutes become an effortless second nature.

The XC90 is extremely intelligent. As we’ve mentioned, the Volvo is cautious and fuel efficient. When weather conditions are agreeable, the power is directed to the front wheels, optimizing fuel efficiency. When the all-too familiar slippery conditions are present, up to 50% of the engine’s power will transfer to the rear wheels when needed, allowing you to count on the best grip and traction possible.

Even at a halt, your XC90 is engaged and cautious. When sitting idle, full all-wheel drive is engaged. This continues to maximize traction in any and all conditions. If you need to tow with your XC90, the full AWD is automatically engaged here as well. The Volvo’s AWD is so dependable, you won’t have to think twice about your drives no matter what the location, season, or weather.

The Volvo XC90 is the dream-come-true vehicle to satisfy any and all winter drive needs. With the sleek exterior and luxurious interior, you’ll feel both comfortable and fashionable on your commute to anywhere. It has numerous convenience assets to allow you the greatest ease in prepping for your travel. The Volvo’s grip and traction from its unbeatable AWD system will keep you grounded and secure on even the iciest days. The most important of all; the Volvo XC90 is remarkably safe and at the top of its game for winter travel. There is simply no better choice for your adventures through Canadian winters.

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