Winter Tire Season at Volvo NB

November 16th, 2022 by

Cold temperatures are officially here in NB

Fall is winding down and the air is getting colder. Winter is on its way and snow will be flying in no time! You’ll want to be prepared for those icy roads and frosty winds. It’s tire season and Volvo is ready to help equip your vehicle with the best winter tires to ensure your travels to work, school, and holiday events are as safe as possible. Stick with us here to learn more about the perfect time to get your winter tires on, and the importance of switching them over for the season.

You may be one of many thinking that all-season tires are perfectly fine for, well, all seasons. But did you know that all-season tires stop performing at their best at 7 degrees celsius? This is due to the specific chemical composition in the rubber of the tires. Winter tires are made with a different rubber compound that’s designed to perform at 7 degrees or less. In other words, winter tires start to perform their best, and really grip when all-season tires start to lose their grip and not perform safely.

We’ve recently hit 7 degrees and below here in New Brunswick, which means it’s time to get those winter tires installed. So, why are winter tires so important? Beyond being built to perform optimally in the cold temperatures, winter tires have serrated blocks and are designed under the load and pressure that allows them to grip and bite into the ice and snow. This, of course, gives you better traction. The winter tire’s tread blocks are designed to evacuate as much moisture, snow, sleet, and ice as possible and channel it all out the side and away from the vehicle.

Another important benefit of winter tires is the compatibility with your vehicle’s all-wheel/traction systems. Your winter tires actually allow all safety and all-wheel drive systems to function and connect the mass of the vehicle to the ground as you move. Just about all modern vehicles now are equipped with an all-wheel drive system, a stability control system, a traction control system and/or an anti-lock brake. These systems don’t actually work properly with all-season tires.

With a better understanding of the importance of winter tires and the perfect time to have them installed, Volvo is here to get you all set up for the coming season.

We encourage you to book your winter tire service soon, as our appointments are beginning to fill up! Feel free to call us or book online using the button below.

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